Automattic is currently working on a refresh of the wordpresscom-video-server project that will improve support for low-power, mobile devices requiring specialized encoding profiles. These changes are expected to change database schema, selectors for best match video, thumbnail handlers, and more. These are some core pieces of the framework; it’s best not to break the framework foundation too often and cause implementors to change their builds.

If you use VideoPress or have visited a site with a VideoPress video you may have noticed a new Flash video player based on the Open Source Media Framework developed by Adobe and others and released under a MPL license. The new VideoPress player uses Action Message Format 3 (spec PDF) for client-server communication. AMF 3 produces a compact binary over the wire for fast processing by the Flash client runtime. Player components, including skins, are defined as objects and passed to the player for unpacking. Custom skins for sites implementing the wordpresscom-video-server framework should be a lot simpler with the new player design. You can read more about the VideoPress player and the OSMF framework in my recent VideoPress OSMF player article published in the Adobe Edge newsletter.

If you follow core WordPress development you may have recently noticed a post on WordPress 3.1 scope and some hints at what that community plans to implement in WordPress 3.2. Expect a few changes from the WordPress community around “content types” and a general interest around utilizing custom post types possible in WordPress 3.0 in new ways. WordPress 3.2, expected early 2011, currently includes a media type overhaul that will likely impact wordpresscom-video-server implementations again. Some foundational changes that will ultimately bring more attention to video as a publishing type within the WordPress publishing system.

-Niall Kennedy
VideoPress contractor