I’m working with wp_video, It is working allright in my main site… mysite.com/wpvideo
The plugin is suppose to work with Wp Mu, so it should work for all the blogs, like mysite.com/wp_video/blog1

But it is just working for the blog on mysite.com/wpvideo

When I try to upload a video on blog1, It doesn`t finish the process, I think it may be cause it points to an address in the main blog.

In the video-config.php I have:

define ( ‘MY_VIDEO_SERVER’, ‘mysite.com/wpvideo/’ ); //server to load video player
define ( ‘MY_VIDEO_STATS_SERVER’, ‘mysite.com/wpvideo/’ ); //server to load stats beacon image
define ( ‘MY_VIDEO_FILE_SERVER’, ‘mysite.com/wpvideo/’ ); //server accept transcoded files
define ( ‘MY_VIDEO_TRANSCODER’, ‘mysite.com/wpvideo/’ ); //server to transcoder raw video clip

If I change the url mysite.com/wpvideo/ to mysite.com/wpvideo/blog1/, the plugin works fine for the blog1, but it doesn’t for other blogs.

Shouldn’t it work for all blogs, What can I do??

I appreciate your helP