Hello everyone,
Per my comments below, I was trying to get this framework running on my staging server running RHEL (Scientific Linux) for the past few days. Turns out I think I did it!

I actually have a modified version of the transcoder-setup.txt file if you are interested.
I compiled almost everything from source at the latest versions, especially libx264 and ffmpeg because there seemed to be a lot of discrepancies between these two in recent versions. All is well running x264 0.79.x and FFmpeg version SVN-r20594. I did disable libdc1394 because I really did not feel like rebuilding my kernel just for fire wire cameras. Did not think it was a necessity. I also have yet to successfully build ffmpeg2theora. I don’t know what the matter is, and I’m fed up with trying to find any documentation for it. I think it is a little too new.

As for the framework itself, I was having problems with the preg_match that tries to capture “width”, “height”, and “frame_rate”. Seems the frame rate match is expecting a decimal, when most of my videos’ frame rates do not contain a decimal. I changed this match to ‘([0-9]+[\.]*)’ and seems to work fine. I also made a ticket regarding a few javascript URI discrepancies. I think I’ve found them all, but still testing.

It’s pretty crazy that all of this can all be achieved for free, go open source!
I’ll see if I can create from patches after the holidays if anyone is interested.

Happy turkey day.