Hello everyone. This is my first post here, and I’m looking for some guidance so I may give some guidance of my own hopefully.

I am on a RHEL server running the latest version but highly modified version of Scientific Linux.
I have install all the necessary packages to run ffmpeg and qt-faststart.
I run the video-verify-ffmpeg.php script and it runs successfully, I get the final message Congratulations! ffmpeg is installed correctly.
I even run the ffmpeg command on multiple files to test outside of php, and it all runs smoothly so from what I can see the transcoder is fine.
As for WPMU, I have it installed on the same server, and I have setup the table correctly, copied all the necessary files, and checked and rechecked my path environments.
What happens is that when I upload a video through the backend. I get a message saying:
“This video is being processed
It will be ready in about 5 hours.”

Now this whole framework is new to me, so I was thinking this is quite a long time so I let it run overnight. I come back the next day and it says: “Video will be ready in a few minutes”. Clearly something was wrong, it had been over 12 hours.
I tried again with various file types and sizes, all the same thing, an eta of about 5 hours, then it never finishes.

I figured it has to do with something with cron jobs. I haven’t ran any on this server, and was wondering if I may be missing to other packages I am unaware of.

Here is a link to my staging server to a post after I uploaded the same file the verify script uses, “baby.wmv”.

The time does seem to decrease, but it never finishes so please don’t bother to wait or anything. I really don’t know where to start debugging this, if anyone has a direction, I’m all ears.